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Kathleen Stassen Berger


Grandmothering: Building Strong Ties with Every Generation selected one of the Ten Best Grandparenting Books for Grandparents by Passing Down the Love

About Kathleen

Kathleen Stassen Berger is probably best known to college graduates as the author of The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence as well as Invitation to the Life Span. Her developmental texts are currently being used at more than 700 colleges and universities worldwide and are available in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, as well as English. Her research interests include adolescent identity, immigration and bullying.

Dr. Berger is a professor of developmental psychology at CUNY’s Bronx Community College and the author of the leading textbook in human development, studied by college students in all 50 states, translated into five languages and adopted by professors in 12 countries. Her forthcoming book for a general audience is Grandmothering: Building Strong Ties with Every Generation

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Grandmothering: Building Strong Ties with Every Generation

In Grandmothering, we learn the pitfalls of too much grandmothering – it undermines the health and finances of grandmothers.  Perhaps worse is too little grandmothering, a characteristic of afraid-of-aging women who shun the word “grandma” and are sometimes referred to as “glammas.”


To guide the grandmother journey, Berger created a 27-point roadmap from prenatal care through adolescence and young adulthood.  

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What People Are Saying

Preparing Jams

“Dr. Berger writes for women who, like herself, are drawn to their grandchildren not only with heart and soul, but also with brains, a political conscience, a scientist’s curiosity and precision, and a determination to be the grandmothers their children need.”

— Rush D. Holt, PhD, CEO Emeritus, American Association for the Advancement of Science, former Member of Congress

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